Jamie’s Story


Keyboardist, Singer & Songwriter

Jamie has a B.A Degree in Music Composition from Penn State University and moved to Southern California where she played, recorded and performed with many name acts for 20 years.

She has played some of the country’s best stages, from the Roxy and the Whiskey in West Hollywood, to Van Halen’s club Cabo Wabo in Mexico.
She has had extensive recording experience in many of the world’s finest recording studios, from The Village Recorder to the Record Plant.

In 2002 Jamie moved to the Central Coast of California and now plays in a variety of bands, from Country Music to Rock n Roll.

In addition to performing live and recording her own original material, she has been the Music Teacher for the Laureate School in San Luis Obisbo, CA. since 2002.  She has been the Choir Director for Santa Lucia School in Templeton for 4 years.

Jamie also teaches private voice and piano and guitar lessons to children and adults of all ages.

Jamie’s original style combines classical with pop and new age. Her piano playing has been described as stunning, beautiful, gorgeous and relaxing.
With her music Jamie expresses the beauty and emotion that she sees and feels in this world.  With her teaching and performing, she hopes to inspire, encourage and uplift everyone who hears her music.

Jamie’s latest CD entitled There is a Place features solo piano pieces as well as some orchestrated  instrumentals and pop songs with vocals. It was released in 2008.  She is currently working on a follow up CD tentatively entitled Hold On.

In addition, a new orchestral piece for 3 horns entitled “Dream” is in the finishing stages and will be the beginning of a set of orchestral pieces designed with dancers in mind.

4 thoughts on “Jamie’s Story”

    1. Hi Don!
      I am looking up microphones for Stella but I forgot what kind of amp you said you were using?
      If you can give me that info I should be able to come up with a couple of options for you 🙂
      Hope you’re enjoying your ‘solo’ time at the ranch and look forward to seeing you soon.

  1. Jamie, Ken Burton here. Hi ! ! !

    Jamie, my friend Kate Wells plays flute (as well as sings and playing a couple of instruments). Anyway, she wanted me to ask you something and to connect her with you. She would like to get together with you just for fun sometime to play a Flute and Piano duet — she wants to play Sonata in F major by Jean-Pierre Rampal, and she has the sheet music.

    I would do it, but I’m not a good reader anymore (I never really was!). And you two are neighbors. You now have her email address!

    Okay…………..my role is done! You two have fun.

    Thanks, ken

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