Classes Offered


All Classes are taught in the privacy of your home or my studio, whichever works for you. Call me at 805-423-0223.

My teaching philosophy is that each student is unique and requires a flexible approach; I teach the student according to his/her personality. I use a wide variety of teaching material.
My goal is to provide my students with a solid musical foundation that will transcend all genres and allow them to play any style of music well. I stress good reading and counting skills, thorough musical understanding and appreciation of the individual student’s unique gift.


Beginning to Intermediate

All Styles

All Ages

Specialize in customizing the lesson to the learner

30 or 60 minute lessons



Whether you already sing or have always wanted to sing, I can help you make the best of your voice!

Learn proper breathing technique, balanced tone, pitch accuracy and comfortable projection.

If you have a song you want to learn how to sing, I can help you make it happen effortlessly.

30 and 60 minute classes


GUITAR – Acoustic

Beginning to Intermediate

All Ages

Learn to read chord charts and tablature

Strumming and picking techniques

30 and 60 minute classes



Beginning to Advanced

All styles, from Classical to Rock

Learn Theory, Notation, Song form, Lyric writing

3 thoughts on “Classes Offered”

  1. Jamie,
    I hope the new year is treating you well.
    We bought a lesson with you at the 2010 Santa Lucia auction (so it is ok if you say sorry too late).
    If the lesson is still possible would you like to visit us here in Cambria (love to show you around the 500 acre ranch with 2 mi of coastline I am fortunate to manage) or should we come to you?
    One idea is a family lesson trying to teach us to sing Happy birthday or any song in tune 🙂
    Another possibility would be some advice/direction on my blues rap voice…
    I look forward to hearing from you!

    1. Hi!
      So great to hear from you. I remember you talking to me about this at last year’s winter program and was looking forward to helping you do some singing! Glad that you are still interested, and no worries about it being from last year.

      My schedule is pretty full but if it is possible, I’d love to come out to you. Perhaps you could give me a idea of what your weekends look like, as I am booked solid Monday – Friday. If we can’t work it out for me to come to you, perhaps you could come to my studio in Paso one day after school when I have an opening?

      In any case, I hope you are enjoying the new year as well and I will look forward to getting together with you in the near future!! Thanks for contacting me!

  2. Hello Jaime. My name is Melanie Chon and I am a parent at Santa Lucia School. Thank you so much for donating an hour of private music lessons to our fundraiser. May I please know the value of the donation? I am also being asked to provide an address for mailing purposes. Thank you in advance.

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