I have been wanting to return to my classical and instrumental composing. This is what I studied and loved so much in college. Last year I had the opportunity to travel abroad.

I visited the home countries of Chopin, Mozart and Listz. It was so inspiring and I vowed to return to doing what I have loved for so long. Several months after I returned from this amazing trip, I had the serendipitous fortune of staying at the same facility as the Accord Quartet from Budapest. They teach at the Franz Listz Music Academy that I had just visited.

That sealed the deal!! I began my composition the day after it came to me in a dream. It is called “Horn Dream”.


Listen to some of Jamie’s beautiful original material from her first CD “Is There A Place”.



Havilah Rand

This is my new favorite artist, Havilah Rand. She is a singer/songwriter/guitarist from Texas. Check her out. She has been inspiring me!

2 thoughts on “Music”

  1. Jamie,

    This might be a case of mistaken identity and if it is I apologize but…..Did you play in a band back in State College, PA called “Mephisto” ?? ( just a few years ago…snicker, snicker…) If you did, I’m the kid who played the black Les Paul !!

    Quizzically Yours,


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